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Find out the top best survival schools

Most Americans are very concerned about a few topics, such as survival techniques, camping and in general anything which is related to nature and savage natural environment seem to inspire a sort of fear in most people.

This explains why survival schools are so popular in the States and why so many children and kids are sent to a summer survival course during the vacation time.

Top list of best survival schools

In the field of survival schools there are a few schools that are really good. Certification and skilled members of the school are also another good point in favor. Paths and activity plans are also more features that make the difference. So, before you choose a survival school, keep in mind the following names:

Aboriginal Living Skills School

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Ancient Pathways

Tracker School

Wilderness Learning Center

Wilderness Awareness School

Mountain Shepherd

Survival is a social topic

As said, in the American mentality the theme of “survival” is deeply related to the concept of self –made man: that is, citizens in America should try to developed their best skills and make on their own their way to success.

Now, the word success doesn’t mean you have to get a part in a Hollywood movie! It simply means that whoever you are, whatever you do, you should put effort to achieve your best.

Such a mentality is also deeply related to the idea of productivity and of business and it’s the same concept which moves the American society.

Not only kids have to learn through survival in a forest how to put effort and find the best in themselves, but also workers have to  improve their “job survival” skills.

Professional concepts in America

So, as said, the most important concept you have to learn in the American society is the concept of productivity and effort. Once you are into the American mentality, you will see that all workers work on this concept.

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