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Hotel-room doors : some people open them without a key

Probably, most people tend to believe they are safe in their hotel room. They feel they have plenty of services and all they need to enjoy the staying. This is true, but what do you know about the safety level of the hotel-room doors?

Many hotel door locks in the US are made by Onity and feature a small DC power-port with data. This is the basic system of most electronic doors.

An important test on the Onity lock

A Mozilla security researcher in 2012 decided to test the standard Onity lock that most hotel-room doors have in the States. He could easily purchase the Onity lock online and he began to test it.

He could see that the Onity lock is actually very easy to open without the key because it can be by passed by a card reader and trigger. The Onity lock, in few words, “sends” the data to the plug, but not all of the 24 numbers that are part of the door code. Anyways, most of the 24 numbers are shared, so it’s not that hard to get to the right combo of numbers to open the lock.

However, not all hotel-room doors work with the same Onity lock. In fact, the researcher found other 2 types of locks and bought them to test them the same way as the first time. The result was that only 1 Onity lock out of 3 can be easily opened without a key.

The other 2 types of hotel-room door locks are less easy, but this doesn’t mean impossible to open.

Consequences of the test

This important test on the most used hotel door locks shows us that we can’t feel 100% safe with a hotel room. The researcher who tested the locks also worked on a portable programming device that hotel staff use to check the door locks.

For all locksmiths in the main cities and metros in the US, this means that hotel doors should be checked on a regular basis and that a new electronic lock system should be expected within the next years to replace the existing one.

In fact, in the largest American cities where violence levels are very worrying, hotel owners can’t afford to lose their customers because of a hacker who could open their hotel-room door and steal their things.

Locks: for a locksmith there’s nothing to fear

This leads many hotel owners and hotel staff to call local locksmiths to have a complete checking of the hotel doors. Locksmiths in Miami, New York and locksmiths in chicago are the most skilled and qualified technicians to test and verify that each single doors opens and closes the right way, that is with the right key.

In case of need, locksmiths can also reprogram electronic locks in order to adjust their security level or to match a new key. This kind of locksmith service is called lock rekey and it costs only $19 with 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths: 24/7 availability, mobile local service and licensed locksmiths to help customers with professional competence.