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How To Enjoy Free WiFi When On Vacation

Besides the free parking, A/C, room service and other similar services and facilities tourists are looking for while booking hotels for their vacations, few can help but ask about free WiFi. Let’s face it, we live in the mobile era and pretty much everywhere we go, we are carrying a smartphone in our palm, bag, or pocket. And the tablet and laptop are probably safely waiting their turn in your hand travel bag. Vacations make no exception, as they give you the chance to show your Facebook friends the cool Boutique Hotel room you are staying in, tweet all about the great vacation mood you are in, and fill Instagram with pictures of the colored cocktail you are serving. Should you decide to stay with us, we are going to start by telling you this: you will not have to worry about your Internet access, as every room has free WiFi access.

Take A Bulgari Bath And Play You Favorite Tablet Games

Every room and suite in our hotel is endowed with high quality Bulgari bath products. So get ready for the most relaxing bubbly baths in your life. Pamper yourself – you deserve it, you’ve finally made it and your vacation is the reward you have been waiting to give yourself the entire year. Do whatever you feel like doing and you think will help you relax, get rid of the stress and recharge your batteries.

You have no schedule to follow and if you feel like spending two hours playing the computer games that relax you most, by all means, do it! Brag your phone or tablet, sip from glass of good wine and visit your favorite lottery site http://www.online-lottery.com and buy your weekly tickets. Since you’re in no hurry, you now have time to carefully analyze each of the games you have been playing for months, but never really had the chance to learn more about. Check out the history section of your favorite games and find out how the size of the biggest jackpot that has ever been won, the way the game started, who is managing it, where it is played and so on. Since you are allowed to play games from another continent indifferent of your current location, you might have never known that the SuperEnaLoto for example is the national Italian game of lottery, or that El Gordo is the favorite Spanish game. Their jackpot prizes reach breathtaking sums week after week worth hundreds of millions of dollars; needless to say skipping a single game just because you are vacation could mean risking losing the life-changing prize. So make sure one of the very first things you are going to do when reaching your hotel room is to connect to the free WiFi and keep up with all the updates.

We know there is nothing more annoying that connecting to an airport or hotel Wi-Fi only to open the browser and see a message popping up saying you don't have an account. While there are solutions even in cases like these, it is safest to inform yourself before reaching a hotel and go there prepared with alternatives.