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Planning a visit to Montclair

Students who look for an outdoor trip to Montclair should consider to visit the 250 acre campus of the Montclair State University.

Normally, most students choose to travel by train from New York City. This is a cheap and comfortable way to go, but there are also some students who prefer to reach Montclair by car.

Driving by car can be also comfortable, probably even more than a train seat. However, going by car can also mean to face non ordinary troubles.

Montclair village map

Going by car: simple or difficult?

For example, you may happen to lose your car key or simply to forget it locked in the car after parking for a short pause along the way. This is not to say that driving from your home to Montclair by car is difficult, but it’s just a way to tell you how many little big unexpected troubles can happen every day.

Probably, you live close to Montclair and you are enough careful and smart not to lose your car key, but think about a distraction: it’s a matter of a second or two and you might get into a trouble.

Reaching Montclair State University to experience a campus trip can be the best way to complete and give more color to your own student career. That’s why a visit to the campus is always recommended.

Let’s get to the solution!

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